Today I took both boys (N is 25 months, and E is 9 months ((7.75 months adjusted))today) to the doctor for their check ups. They are both healthy as can be, which is great. However the doctor was concerned with both boys because they are showing some delays. When we did the little survey for development N still placed in normal limits in all categories, E however did not.

E showed behind in communication and fine motor skills. The doctor discussed calling help me grow and getting him evaluated. I agree that it wouldn't hurt to get him evaluated, my family is less then supportive. They insist that he is fine and just behind because he is preemie. Just blowing them off isn't really a choice. We live with my family so how do you suggest getting them on board with this? I called and made the appointment to have him evaluated. I will have it done when there is no one else home because I don't want the added stress.

I guess I am just wondering how to mange the family lash back about just getting him evaluated.