I need a morale boost. DS is in early intervention physical therapy and is getting evaluated in a couple of weeks for occupational therapy. He is 10.5 months can but won't roll, can't crawl, doesn't pull to stand. Sits independently pretty well. As far as OT goes he doesn't try to feed himself and gags on anything he has to chew. All of this stems from having a feeding tube in place until 8.5 months old. Once he was cleared to take things by mouth at 5.5 months, he was outgrowing his g-tubes as fast as we could get appointments to get him measured for a new one. So he basically spent three months with some degree of abdominal pain stiffness.

I just need to tell me that my little guy isn't always going to just sit there and be fed. He is making slow progress but it is so slow.

Anyone have EI success stories?