I'm in the process of changing up how we do dinner in our house, after reading Ellyn Satter's "How to get your kid to eat".

Previously, and I know this is absolutely nuts, I was making 3 different dinners every single night. One for me and DH, one for DD (who's favorite foods all have dairy in them) and one for DS (who is allergic to dairy so couldn't eat what DD wanted). Dinner time was awful, we were also doing dessert every night and the whole, "eat X more bites or no dessert". Lots of tears / drama / craziness, and it had to stop!

So, after reading the book, I now make ONE dinner for everyone, and if it's something I know the kids don't like I make sure there's a fruit or vegetable option they'll eat and some bread or pasta side they'll eat. We now only have dessert on the weekends and I've completely stopped asking them to eat more bites. According to the book, it's my responsibility to make dinner and provide healthy options, and it's their responsibility what they actually eat.

Dinner has been BLISSFUL since we started doing this. No more tears or screaming, and I am not stressed out getting 3 different meals on the table. BUT now that my kids are in charge of what they are eating they are eating mostly bread and fruit for dinner.

If you follow her method, do you push them to eat the meat / sides they don't think they like? Or just really keep offering but not pushing and someday they will eat more than crescent rolls and beets?

Thanks! Sorry for the novel!