I'm deeply overthinking this and would love some input

My daughter is 8, an only child (so no built-in playmates), and we are planning a longer than typical trip to visit her grandparents the week after Christmas/into New Year. It's been 2 years since we've traveled and the way she plays and spends time has changed quite a bit and I'm concerned that she's going to get easily bored.

Some context - my parents, where my daughter and I will stay, live in a one-bedroom apartment. My mom will absolutely buy her anything she wants to have and has already asked many times, but there's limited room AND my kid really isn't into toys. At home she plays with construction materials (magnatiles, bristle blocks, and Lego sets that she built over the years and now re-arranges into various scenes). I can bring some of those things with me from home but obviously not much.

I am planning to find some outdoor activities for us (hikes, maybe a zoo or some light walks), and bring some board games, books and some toys with me, but I'm still anxious that she won't have much to get into. My mom is a couple months post knee surgery and my in-laws are almost entirely immobile, so outings with them are going to be limited.

Anything I'm missing or anything that worked well for you in this type of situation? Also anyone in northern NJ, I'd love ideas for outings!