As you guys know, my babies will be born at 34 weeks or earlier due to PPROM... NICU dr has confirmed they will go to the NICU even at 34 weeks.

Trying to get a list together of things to get done when I do give birth...

(Oh, I'm also on hospital bed rest (since 28w) so my list includes things I plan to do once I recover and finally get to go home!!!)

Babies will be in the NICU for at least 2 weeks (NICU Dr said that babies could stay til their due date (6 weeks) , so I can...

-get car seats installed (I know there is a chance that I may have to get a preemie car seat, since the car seats we have might be too big), but I think it's good to have our car seats check and inspected
-buy/rent hospital breast pump
-rent a hospital scale (if suggested)
-buy new/used premie sized cloth diaper covers (prefolds will be supplied by a cloth diaper service)
-organize and get/do last minute nursery items
-bring home a onesie for dogs to get used to babies' smell
-start looking for used preemie gear on MOM (mothers of multiples sites). Do this after babies are born since they may or may not need to wear preemie clothes when they are released to go home.
-Twin related: plan to bring one baby home, while one remains in the hospital. Plan on lots of trips to/from hospital to feed babies

What else am I missing or forgetting?