Hi all,

I'm new here, but have been reading the boards for a few months

My husband and I recently decided to NTNP. I had been on Seasonique for the past 7-8 years and stopped in the beginning of May. Since then, I have only had one period and it started June 19, 39 days after stopping BC. I am currently on CD 46 with no sign my period is on its way.

I know I'm not pregnant. We had been using condoms until this weekend and I have two negative pregnancy tests. Does anyone have any experience with how long it took to regulate after stopping Seasonique (or something similar) and/or how long it took to get pregnant? I'm nervous because I never had regular periods before going on BC. I have a doctors appointment this week, just looking for some (hopefully) positive stories in the meantime

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the novel!