DH and I are done having kids, and I'll be 40 next year so starting to think long term...

I've been on the Nuvaring since I was 20 and honestly love it, and would happily keep taking it forever - but my Dr mentioned that the estrogen 'feeds' cancer if I were to ever get it. It also has increased risks of blood clots, heart attacks, etc. after 35. I haven't had any issues, yet.

DH isn't keen to get snipped, but I just said it was something to look into. Honestly though the idea of having regular periods again is not something I want to do. He feels like he'd get snipped and then I'd get sick of periods and get back on BC anyways.

I'm scared of an IUD after reading too many horror stories of them migrating, and seems like it'd be the same problem with estrogen, unless I get the copper IUD which has an even higher chance of migrating.

Any thoughts on any of the above? Anyone just plan to stay on b/c until menopause? Other suggestions?