DH and I have always said we want 3-4 kids. #3 is almost 10 months old and lately I’ve been feeling like our family is complete. In the past I’ve done charting to prevent between kids because I liked getting to know my cycles and the minipill sucks! Also my OB had advised against getting the IUD for a time under 2 years and our TTC timelines were shorter than that. Now that I’m feeling done I think I want an IUD for a few years until I’m sure and we get a vasectomy for DH. BUT if I change my mind we had talked about TTC #4 in early 2022. So I guess my questions are:

Would you get an IUD if there was a chance it was only for 10 months? I haven’t ever had one and I can’t remember the reason my OB suggested it only for 2+ years

If you were on the fence about growing your family what did you do to prevent in the meantime?