What do you consider to be "mom brain" things? I'm having an issue lately, like 2 years really, that's pretty much concerning to me. I actually went for a brain scan that came back normal, but I'm requesting a neurologist review of it. I have two kids, 20 months apart. I did ivf for the first girl. A bit before I had her, I had trouble reading one word on TV. A while later, I had trouble reading one word on a menu. Super normal words. Then several months later, I had trouble reading a phrase at work. Sometimes I open an email and can't read it at all. Now, those work emails are pretty wordy. It happened again recently with an instgram post - some girl trying to be really wordy. I couldn't read it. I clicked to her husband's post and could read it. I have a post graduate degree, so its not like I cannot read. I love reading and talking out loud. Anyhow.. I'm convinced I have a host of things wrong with my brain. Could this just be stress, lack of sleep, mom brain? It's not like "oh shoot, I can't remember why I came to the kitchen." Its looking at a menu and not being able to say the word "chardonnay" when you want to order a glass of wine. Would you be bothered by this? My mom keeps saying it's lack of sleep and the doctor sees nothing wrong. Would you be concerned?