Hello all,

I was just wondering if anyone has heard of false negatives on pregnancy tests.

Here's some background for me: Last cycle started on August 18. I am an acupunture patient, on synthroid for thyroid issues and metformin to help ovulate since I have PCOS and am slightly insulin resistant. I started the metformin around mid september. On Sept. 8, I got a BFN and in late September too.

Last Thursday, I went to my weekly appointment for acupunture (she is also an MD). She told me to take a test on Wednesday, and if it came back negative, would give me a prescription for provera tomorrow, wants me to do hormonal bloodwork on day 3 of my new cycle and refer me to a specialist that she works with to see what is going on.

For the last 3 weeks, I have had breast tenderness (I just assumed it was a side effect of metformin). Last week, I had horrible headaches and nausea. Food that I normally like to eat would repulse me, and I am oh so very tired. I am also eating carbs like a madwoman (even though I have been very disciplined about this with PCOS). I also have had loads of discharge that has been milky white. DH says this is all typical pregnancy symptoms, but I have been trying to not get excited. Last Friday, I took a test and it was BFN. Today I tested like my acupunturist told me to and again it was a BFN.

DH has been consulting Dr. Google and sent me a series of links to boards were woman share their stories of never getting a BFP during the first trimester and are diagnosed weeks later through ultrasound. In one link, a woman explained her doctor was holding a negative pregnancy test in his hand while seeing the baby on a ultrasound. Kind of makes me wonder....

I am so confused. Part of me thinks this is really possible, but at the same time I don't know if I am psyching myself out and wishing it were true. I have had so many unexplainable things with my thyroid, so DH and I joke the normal rules don't apply to me. All kidding aside though, DH thinks my symptoms are too many to be psychosomatic.

My preliminary plan is to go to acupunture tomorrow, tell my doctor everything and see if she will refer me for an ultrasound just to make sure. If that comes back negative, take the provera and proceed as planned. I just don't want to think that I may be pregnant and then take provera and force a period. Am I delusional? Any thoughts or advice?