Hi, I'm new! I've been trolling this site and these boards for months now and have never posted, but decided to today.

I need your guidance/hopeful thoughts/not sure what I need (maybe you can relate to that feeling?)

DH and I started the TTC process two years ago (!) when I decided not to get my next depo shot. Took 6 months to get my cycle back and then another 10 months for it to regulate again (looooong story along the way of using clomid, progesterone, etc to kick start ovulation, but not using the guidance of an RE to do it and my OB at the time wasn't very uh, helpful.....) By the way -- anyone else have a horrible time going off depo?

Also found out through the process that DH has a low count. Normal motility, but a low count. (Can't remember the numbers from his last SA). Since my cycle had begun regulating (23-25 days, last few months 25 days almost on the nose) the wonderful RE we saw said we should try temping/charting for a few months and see what happens. But we might need to start planning for IUI.

So, I've been temping since spring (couldn't seem to get OPKs to work for me), and I think I ovulate about day 17 (but anyone else seem to have issues with only temping too?

I'm getting to the point! I swear! Sunday was Day 25. It's Wednesday (Day 28) and I haven't gotten my period. (I feel like by just writing this, it's going to start now.......)

I took a pregnancy test this morning and it was negative. I have no real "symptoms" (maybe some headaches?) -- could I be pregnant anyway?

Other details -- I'm training for a half marathon, but not so hard (I'm a beginner) that I feel like it would mess with my cycle (I still eat all the food.) But because it's crossed my mind, I'm putting it here!

Anyone have a BFN but then wind up pregnant anyway? Any runners out there who have issues with training/their cycles? Anyone out there with low counts -- what did it take for you to get a BFP?

Thanks so much for any guidance you can give! We are soooooo hopeful (like you).