Sorry this is long. DH and I are upset and not sure whether we are overreacting. I wanted to get some thoughts and maybe just vent. We live in California and DH has two older sisters and a brother, all of whom live on the East Coast. His sisters each have 2 kids, three in college and one is a senior in HS. Basically, the issue is: we had our first child in October and neither of DH's sisters have come to visit or even offered/asked when they could come. (The brother has to come nearby for work in February, so he is coming to us for a day just to meet the baby.) We are not super super close with any of them, but DH went to visit within a couple months of all of his nieces/nephews being born (I was not around back then) and he is generally a good uncle, he sends cards for all the niece/nephews' birthdays and hannukah, and we make sure to visit them at least once a year. We don't understand why they haven't visited and we are really hurt. I get that it's across the country but they can all easily afford it and it just seems so weird that they haven't even asked about visiting and seem to expect us to bring our newborn to them. By contrast, my own sister (who also lives back east) came to visit over a long weekend when the baby was a couple weeks old. She actually has two small children but managed to leave them with her husband and come see her nephew, so we don't understand why DH's sisters seemingly don't care to come see him.

Are we missing something? Are we being overly sensitive? If you have siblings who live far away, would you make an effort to go visit when they have a baby? If no, why not?