We just had family pictures taken for the first time. The reason we've never had professional pics taken previously is largely due to the fact that my husband has a pretty nice camera, and often takes pictures for us, so doesn't want to pay someone else to take them. Long story short, we were gifted the hour's session (it was a Groupon) with a local photographer, and I set the date with him two months ago. When we got there, we waited for 15 minutes at his designated meeting spot, where I finally called him, and he had us walk about 10 minutes away to another spot. He was shooting pictures of another family. I was a little annoyed that their session had gone over and he didn't call/text, but I didn't say anything.

It turns out their session wasn't running over-their session was at the same time as ours. For the next hour we traded off with the other family, which is NOT what we were expecting. The second we finished the session my husband asked if this is typical, or if the photographer shoved us in with another family and we had a right to be annoyed.

What do you think? Do photographers typically do this-book a double session? Should he have warned us that this is how it was going to be? At the end of the day, I guess I only care as long as the pictures are good, but it felt pretty impersonal to be "one of the many," so to speak, and it was a little weird to have another family "part" of our pictures, in a sense. We picked this time to get sunset pictures on the beach, and it sucked to lose a lot of the light because he kept going back and forth between us and the other family .

Adding a poll, but feel free to comment!