Context: Kid free vacation is not an option for us, since we don't have family we can leave the kids with, so I pretty much had figured on no parenting break until my youngest (still in utero) turns 18, lol. And I have not had a vacation, at all, since before my oldest was born. I've undoubtedly been living under a rock, but had never even thought about the concept of a family resort until someone was talking about it in our local parents' fb group. The point seems to be to allow parents to have a pseudo-kid free vacation, while bringing the kids along and giving them a camp like experience. This was the place they were talking about - Babysitters available for kids too young for the camp experience and for nightlife.

Have you done a family resort experience where the kids were doing organized activities/with a babysitter for much of the time? How old were your kid(s) and would you do it again?