DH planned a very nice brunch at the aquarium for mother's day for us, and we had a blast! This gives me pressure that I need to plan something nice for Father's day.

We will be in Toronto on Father's day (in-laws' land) and I am thinking of going to a brunch on a day cruise. We'll probably do it on Saturday as we'd need to catch a plane to come back on Sunday afternoon. It will clash with LO's nap time (boarding at 11:30am and disembarks at 2:30 or 3pm) but he'd have to deal with it. What a great mama I am. Ha!

Another great gift idea I got from a friend was, she bought matching outfits for the dad and the baby last year. They took a picture together and it was sooo cute!

What are your plans for father's day? Any great ideas you want to share so we can all keep it in our back pockets for the many father's day to come? (Of course if you are in the Toronto area and know of any good things to do / events to go to I'd love to hear that!)