Hi all, I don’t know what I am looking for but DH and I are away for 4days. Our 2 yo and 3 month old are at home with family. I’m pumping and dumping but feel guilty leaving the 3 month old. We traveled when our 2 year old was three months too and it was fine but I feel so guilty. She has breastmilk and we also supplement. Apparently she’s eating at her own pace. It’s the first day being away from them. Our two year old is doing fine and so is the baby but I’m so anxious about how the night will go as she does not sleep through the night.

DH and I needed this time as it’s been a lot (not dreadful) but a lot of adjusting with two babies etc.

Feel guilty leaving our three month old since I know our two year old has been away from us and does well.