I need some advice and/or commiseration. Over the past 6 months I’ve been feeling more and more isolated, like I’m all alone on an island with no friends to talk to or hang out with. The friendships I do have seem to be growing distant, not because of any kind of falling out but more because people are too busy. I feel like because I never joined a sorority or some kind of large friend/Mom group I’m now left on my own to try and drum up connections and arrange get-togethers, which I’m not very good at. All the other moms I know have friends from other walks of life or lots and lots of family and therefore hanging out with me usually gets crossed off the list since other connections are more important to nurture with so little time available.

I really want a group of friends who are willing to meet up regularly and who hopefully I can grow close to over time. Do any of you have this? How did you get there and what advice do you have? Or if you feel like I do feel free to pity party below!