I had always been in the camp of 2 and done, like 95%, leaving 5% of life's surprises, haha. Recently my SIL announced she's expecting their 3rd, and I have 2 other friends due next year as well.

It's a really mixed feeling... On one hand, our decision to be 2 & done is being confirmed more & more... On the other hand, I'm still sad that DD2 is our last baby! I think I've just been extra emotional with her turning 1 too!

So there's really no point to this; I love my girls and am at peace with the decision to be done. Am I still allowed to be just a bit sad?! Obv the sadness is not even remotely enough to compel us to re-think but I know by next year I'll probably be getting bad baby fever again with all these newborns!