Our elderly cat was just diagnosed with diabetes ... we are so overwhelmed by all of this. He's had life-long bladder issues (mostly controlled by prescription food and diligent litter box cleanings), and over the last few weeks, he's been peeing all over our basement ... it's disgusting and frustrating. While at the vet, they did full bloodwork and a urinalysis: everything else is fine with his bladder, so the vet assumes the peeing is a side effect of the diabetes.

We're now facing twice daily injections + the high cost of insulin & monitoring. Re-homing isn't on our radar, because he's a "problem cat". The peeing issue is truly awful, and if it was just diabetes, we'd absolutely be up for this new chapter. I feel guilty for considering euthanasia, but unless you'd had a male cat peeing all over your house, you can't fathom how horrible it can be.

Soooo, while we weigh our options, I'm curious about those of you who have been through this. Is at-home monitoring possible? What equipment do you use? Our vet is saying we have to bring him in every 2 weeks until the diabetes is controlled for glucose monitoring ($150+ each visit). We absolutely cannot afford that, on top of the equipment and medication costs.

I've found the insulin (Glargine/Lantus), but it looks like it'll expire before we use the entire vial - does that matter?

I appreciate advice and solidarity from those of you who have been through this before!!