Since December we have been battling diaper rash on N. We have tried everything under the sun and it seems more under control as long as he recieves no dairy.

In March we met with a new ped (which we love btw). We talked at length about our concerns and agreed that an allergy blood test was the best way to rule out problems. We took N to get his blood drawn for milk, eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts. All came back with no reaction. Good right? Except that the rash was still appearing and lessening but never fully going away.

I was chatting with a young women who works at the establishment my fathers company contracts to. She was asking me for advice on where she could find gluten free foods for her daughter. (Shopping for gluten free foods in my area is hard, our choices are pretty slim to none) I inquired on how they discovered the gluten problem (among other issues) and she told me about this chiro out a little ways from my house that does bio-feedback testing. She gave me the number and I made an appointment. I was at my wits end, I just want his diaper rash to fully clear. What could it hurt? Plus we would only be out $35.

Today was our appointment. We arrived early to make sure I could get any paperwork out of the way and get N comfortable with the office. Man was their office busy! Our appointment time came and went but the office staff was very accomadating so we didn't mind waiting. Once we were shown to a room the Chiro walked in and we discussed our concerns. She explained how they would check for food allergies using muscle (Bio) feedback. She showed us first how it worked by testing me against my known allergies. She then did the same testing on N. It was so simple and non-invasive.

The end result, N's body does in fact react to Dairy and gluten (!!). The iGe and iGa tests that we had done didn't show any of these things. We finally have some concrete answers as to the cause of his diaper rash (Fingers crossed) We had been avoiding dairy already but gluten is new to us, although I had an idea it maybe an issue. ( I am gluten free, dairy free, and Egg Free) .

Congrats if you got to the end! I am glad a stuck to my gut feelings about N's health.