E has been cruising for almost 3 months and likes to walk holding onto one of our fingers (and that's it). He's been taking some very uncoordinated steps for about a month--not controlled, and not on purpose, just a few unsteady toddles between me and D...more like lunges than anything, so we haven't really counted them.

But yesterday he took 6 very controlled steps to DH! He had been cruising in my SIL's living room, holding on to an ottoman, looked from it to DH, then took a very decisive step, paused, and took another, and so on, right into DH's arms!

It was especially nice because DH really wanted to be there for his first steps but with as much as he works we weren't sure if he would be. But we were both there, along with my SIL, BIL, MIL and FIL. In the same living room where he sat up unassisted and crawled for the first time.

DH said it was the best Father's Day gift he could have gotten!

(And my phone and camera were on the other side of the room, unfortunately, so no pictures or video yet

I can't believe how big my little baby is!