LO is a little over 11 months old and took her first intentional, unassisted steps yesterday! She had been kind of doing this falling with style thing on Saturday where it looked like steps but she was really just falling into something. But yesterday, she did it!

DH was practicing standing with her because she loves that lately. So he stood her up, she stabilized her legs, and he let go. She was so proud just standing without holding anything. So I tried calling her just to see what would happen. And she took two steps to me before falling! A minute later she took about four towards DH!

Later last night she was playing with her activity table and she let go. Then she got this look on her face like she couldn't believe what she was doing and started taking steps again!

She hasn't taken any today yet but I'm sure she'll at least stand some more. I'm so proud of her! I totally cried!