My 5 month old's sleep is all over the place. Some nights he does quite well and I think we're in great shape and I could live with this indefinitely, other nights it's a total disaster - he won't settle in the evenings, is up super early in the morning, and throws in a couple of middle of the night wakings to boot.

The thing is, I wonder if there are reasons for his wakings, beyond bad habits, as sometimes he does much better. He has horrible eczema. I've tried elimination diets, taking him to the pediatric dermatologist, etc - we're still struggling. His reflux is also still in full force - thought weight gain is great - and I don't know how many calories he has lost during the day from spitting up at daycare that he's trying to make up at night. So I can't bring myself to do sleep training because I would feel horrible letting him cry and cry - which I think is what would happen initially - if he's really not feeling good or is hungry.

Thoughts? For moms who've sleep trained, how were you confident it was a sleep habits issue? Anyone have sleep training fail?