Calling Dr. Hellobee - DH, DS and I have all been hit with a variety of flu like symptoms, but pretty mild. We all got the flu shot which I know is not 100% effective and can reduce the severity of flu symptoms if you do catch it, but what we've got seems extra extra mild and it seems a little weird that we all got sick. I've tried googling but everything about flu symptoms is about the flu. I remember mastitis is described as causing flu like symptoms. Wondering if anyone has any other things they know off the top of their heads that do too. Especially wondering cause we saw a ton of family while LO was sick, and today when DH and I both started to feel it - including my 7.5mo pregnant SIL.

Here are symptoms if that helps. We've all had an occasional cough, DH and I have had a bit of congestion and headache. DS and I have thrown up and had lack of appetite - DH just has lack of appetite. I've had fatigue and the chills. DS has been his normal active self so I don't think he's had those symptoms. No diarrhea or stomach cramps or things like that. DS got sick about 5 days ago and today is the first day for me and DH.