I have a couple trips scheduled for next month, all of which I'll be flying for, both for work and one personal trip to visit family up north.

I've already discussed these trips with my doctor and she sees no reason right now why I can't fly. My next appointment is the day before my first trip, where I'll get everything checked out again. If I'm still all good, I plan to go. If not, I have no hesitation to cancel the trip.

My stepmother, who is a bit of a hypochondriac, is absolutely appalled that I'm planning to fly "so late" in my pregnancy (these flights are taking place while I'm 20-22 weeks pregnant) and is vehemently trying to argue against me doing this, saying that I'm basically putting my twins at risk for no reason that will potentially affect their health adversely later on in life.

Her reasoning is that flying causes raised cortisol levels and that will transfer to the baby and potentially cause ADD, etc. If you're so inclined, here are the two links she sent to back up her reasoning:


I'm really upset at her insinuation that I'm not putting my babies' health first, and also, when I clicked on the second link about flying causing raised cortisol levels, it was a study done on active duty military personnel flying in cargo planes, who are obvious flying on planes in much more hostile and stressful conditions!

I know her concerns are coming from a good place, but I'm still pretty frustrated with her right now. Just because I'm doing things differently than she would doesn't mean I'm making wrong or dangerous decisions. Can I add too that this is a woman who will not allow cordless phones in the house because they'll give you brain cancer.

Thanks for reading my vent. Anyone else get flack for flying while pregnant?