IKEA had 50% off frames.. so I finally stocked up to create a gallery wall.. any suggestions, tips would be great :). They are all simple IKEA ribba frames..

Instead of getting all black or all white we bought a mix (DHs idea - although in retrospect I think he just wanted to get the hell out of there after 45 minutes of laying them on the floor and imagining what looked best)

So, something like this - http://www.hgtv.com/decorating-basics/how-to-create-an-art-gallery-wall/pictures/page-2.html

Not concerned about how to arrange them on the wall (thanks Pinterest) but any ideas on what to put in them would be helpful.

Right now I am thinking - one artsy pic of each of our animals, one wedding pic, the larger one I think we may do something with our wedding song lyrics (?) ..I want something meaningful but still pretty. All thoughts, feelings and outbursts are welcome.


ETA: these are going in our living area above the couch

AETA: Pictures/links get bonus points and a free snow cone