This topic is on my mind a lot in general, and especially so recently. I have a 5 year old headed to K in August. Hubby and I have lived in our area (DC) for 15 years, and for a number of reasons, we are completely village-less here. Our families are a few hours drive away. We both have younger brothers, one who's a few hours away and lives a bartender/club guy live, and the other who lives about 45 minutes away and lives a working 20-something professional life (aka, not terribly engaged with kids/family stuff). All of our friends in the area are singe adults, which is typical for DC. We made a number of good friends through kiddo's daycare and here and there, but most have either moved away (also typical for DC - lots of foreign service folks, military, and people moving out for cost of living reasons), or likely won't retain much of a relationship after our kids go to different schools. Our daughter is super social, and we do our best to keep her out and engaged and connected with other kids, but those opportunities are dwindling. We have no backups - I couldn't think of a single person to put on the emergency contact forms for kindergarten.

In February we listed our condo for sale and were hoping to buy a house in a more family oriented neighborhood but our condo isn't selling and we didn't want to deal with a move during a kindergarten transition so we pulled it off the market and will try again maybe next year. I'm still holding out hope for making some connections when she gets to K, and I am planning to get involved in the PTA, but the whole thing makes me kind of sad, tbh, especially for feeling like our daughter doesn't really have a lot of go-to friends beyond school because of our own inability to make friends.

Anyone in the same situation? Commiseration, tips for doing this better?