Anyone want to share their answers to these questions?

What is one dinner you have enjoyed lately that your kids will also eat? I made the Smitten Kitchen chicken marsala meatballs recently. I would try to make them a little more flavorful next time, but they were pretty good and my 7yo loved them.

What is one wintery/cold weather thing you are looking forward to? Fires in the fireplace at home and having my 11 month old see snow where she's old enough to be aware of the weather

What is your favorite Halloween candy? I really love the mini Butterfingers because I would never buy a full size one for myself

What is one weird phobia or fear you have? I am irrationally afraid of sinkholes and being buried alive. We don't live in an area where sinkholes really ever happen, so it makes no sense. I'm also very afraid of spiders, but at least there are actually spiders around, and we get really huge ones (to me, at least) making webs in our backyard.