I got into a huge fight with my best friend last night. She doesn't have kids (or a significant other). In a nutshell, she feels like i disappeared on her and said "you don't even have two seconds to text me?"

From my perspective, she is the person I talk to most besides my husband and my mom (and my 15month old DD). That may not be enough for her, but that is all i have to offer right now. I tried to explain to her how emotionally stretched thin I was and that sometimes, when I had two seconds to myself, all I want to do is sit quietly in my car in the driveway and not talk to anyone.

The more I think about it this morning, the more I realize that my friends with kids totally get this. We can go weeks without speaking and pick right back up without any hurt feelings. My few friends without kids...not so much.

Is it just me? Have other women experienced this difficult shift in friendships?

any insight, commiseration, or advice on how to diffuse this situation with her would be appreciated.