I posted this on Facebook but I'm going to put it here too because I think more families should speak up about assignments like this. Below are instructions for the birthday celebration at O's preschool. They're specifically requesting that we bring in photos of certain dates. We happen to have a birth photo, courtesy of a very public bio mom's facebook page, but so many families don't. This could be an uncomfortable assignment for foster families, adoptive families, NICU families, etc. I'm doing the assignment as requested because I don't want her to be the only one without a birth photo. But I'm going in tomorrow morning with a suggestion of changing this assignment to: "Please bring in several photos of your child that are meaningful to your family." Period. No time period requested, no specific milestones or dates. Let the family decide what works for them. Not looking forward to prepping her for whatever discussion about birth/early infancy they have tomorrow.