I was due with #3 yesterday and am going batty still being pregnant. I’ve had 2 OB appointments in the past week and my cervix has not been internally dilated enough for a membrane sweep. My babies are big and this one feels even bigger. I’ve had a million stretch marks this time around compared to almost none with the other two. The hospital I’m delivering at won’t let me be induced until 41 weeks. I caved and started my maternity leave yesterday, which was the right choice. But today I’m home with both my kids (I’m usually off T/Th) and I am just so upset to still be pregnant and uncomfortable and I feel like I’m constantly yelling at everyone and trying to not just collapse in the corner and cry. None of my family is helping, just pestering me about when baby will be here. And DH threw his back out from the extra toddler lifting so I’ve had to do a lot more and it’s so hard. I just want to be done.

Sigh. Any advice or commiseration? How can I stop being a horrible mother while waiting for my induction?