I know this is like, the most common feeling ever, but I am struggling with feeling so guilty over taking away my kid's "only child" status.

We were planning on being one-and-done and have a pretty big gap (nearly 7 years) between kids. We've told her her whole life that she's going to be an only child. This baby is a surprise. We are happy and excited for this surprise, except for these lingering feelings about siblinghood for my DD.

Anyway, she's just my main gal! I feel so bad like rocking her whole life with this tiny baby brother that she may or may not wind up being close with in life. They won't really be able to play together since they are so far apart in age. And now our resources are split in terms of helping her pay for college, etc.

I'm an only child so I don't know how to navigate sibling relationships, and DH's relationship with his brother is super strained.

How did you resolve your guilt over a change in your expected family size?