DS is dead set on having his 5th birthday at our house with a Halloween theme. While I admire his creativity, I'm more of a pay money to have a party not at my house so I don't have to think of ideas on how to entertain tiny people and clean up before and after. Any ideas? I'm guessing it'll be between 15-20 kids and I'm thinking it'll be an optional drop off party. I figured I would pay my nieces to help out run some activities.

The only thing DS has asked for is trick or treating and a pinata. I saw Amazon has the pinatas with the pull strings as there is no way I'm letting 5 year olds swing bats around each other. For trick or treating, I was thinking that we could do a craft where I could get cheap bags that they could decorate with stamps and stickers and then use that bag to go around to stations in our backyard that would be manned by my nieces and other party helpers?

Otherwise, I'm sort of stumped as to how to entertain them for the rest of the time. Most of the games I see would only work for small groups of kids and for short bursts of time so I was thinking we could split them up and then rotate them around.

My other idea was to have them decorate cookies and feed them lunch.

Has anyone been to any good Halloween parties or any good parties at the home in general and have suggestions? I'm not a pinterest mom.