Hey, remember where I wrote that post about my kid's first birthday party and it said I was going to do bubble favors, etc? Well, scrap that because my hubby got paranoid about giving kids a favor that has a glass element. So I'm back to the drawing board. I need to make 15 party favors for less than a dollar per favor. Here are my limitations:

Kids age range is one month (no lie) to nine years old. I think like, three two-ish year olds, one 12 month old, two 4-5 year olds...there really isn't a specific age that is most represented.

I don't want to buy a bunch of plastic stuff, just bothers me. Something maybe made of paper or something that can be thrown out without feeling too wasteful after the party-goer is done playing.

Other limitation is as I often mention my shopping options are limited here, so all I have at my disposal is Walmart and the Dollar Tree. I'd like to not have to drive to the closest Michael's, which is about 25 minutes away.

Some sort of craft that I could set out for kids to make their own favor is one idea....

Ideas I've had:

crayons and coloring book pages tied with ribbon
origami kit (only good for the older kids)
make your own pet rock
book (not sure I could get them for budget)