I would love everyone's input on my party food plans. We're having a party for about 30 people on Saturday. I have no idea how much food I'll need, but here's what I'm planning:

- nacho dip with chips (cream cheese/salsa/cheese dip)
- baked brie with baguette
- veggies and hummus (also some pita for the hummus)
- pepperoni and multiple cheeses
- mini quiches (I have 60, is that enough???)
- sweet and sour meatballs (how many should I make??)
- spinach dip in a pumpernickel bread bowl
- fruit tray
- assortment of homemade treats!

I'm thinking I need to add some other stuff... but I am not sure what, and it needs to be simple because I am 23 weeks pregnant and already regretting planning this

What do you guys think?