It's getting so hard to hide my belly! I'm sure it's not baby yet, though I don't feel that bloaty, but I definitely wasn't prepared to show anything this early. I already had a some tummy fat, but now it's sticking out so far. I feel like it's super obvious, but I'm only 9 wks (first pregnancy) and don't want to tell anyone so early.

I was fine until last week when one day my pants were not interested in closing. In fact, I can barely push my tummy out further than it is naturally these days! All my pregnancy book said was "your waistline may be thickening" and I was so afraid I was gaining way too much weight (I think 4lbs so far)

Anyway, thank god for these boards, they made me feel so much better! I'm actually kind of excited about a tangible sign of the baby, even if it's just bloat..... I'm now all about the rubberband-through-the-buttonhole trick.