I am due with #2 this June and would like to try to babywear a lot with this baby. I had a ktan with my DS but it was a little tight and would definitely be too small now. I also didn't love it so I'm not interested in replacing it. I also have an Ergo, but will be selling it for something with better lumbar support. I like the idea of a ring sling for early on and have been looking at options.

I was looking at the Sakura Bloom after seeing lots of recommendations for it, but while looking I stumbled across a Beco ring sling for half the price ($55). I've found some reviews and a lot of people really it, especially for the price point, but several people mentioned that they disliked the weight and feel of the fabric. I'm worried it could be too hot for summer and about the possibility of skin rashes if the fabric is too rough. Has anyone here tried it? Any comments?