I swear way too much and it hasn't been easy cutting back. But Charlie is at the stage where he repeats everything I say... so I can't exactly be dropping bombs left and right. So I've completely cut back on swearing in front of Charlie.

I actually think I'm swearing more at work because it has to come out somewhere. Sad but true. Cursing is a zero sum game for me, apparently.

Anyway it's really made me aware that I actually really like swearing. It's one of the things that I do that feels authentic and real, probably because so much of what I say and do is so filtered.

It's been interesting going through this experience though, and realizing how much I enjoy swearing. But despite that, I don't want Charlie to be cursing in the house. So I try to set a good example. Even though it's really ****ing hard!

Have you cut back on cursin' and cussin' since having a little one?