I feel like I am repeating myself but this seems to be never over...

LO had his 1-year (chicken pox) shots Friday before last. He had a fever almost all week last week, accompanied by a cold with a lot of mucus and coughing. We went to the doc twice and they think probably it is a virus (not antibiotics treatable).

I noticed he had a rash developed on his wrist in the beginning of last week but didn't pay much attention to it, thinking it was an "after effect" of the chicken pox vaccine.

So this week, his fever finally is gone (knock on wood!!) However, he seems to have a lot of poopy diaper episodes. He poops a lot normally (once a day at least) so I am not exactly sure if that's truly abnormal, but his stool is definitely more lose than normal. He pooped 5 times today and one of them was a blow out. It is a bit much even to his standards. On top of that, his rash got worse since last Friday. We actually went to the doc last Friday (as he had a bad night and his fever was still on and off), and doc said it is probably the whole package from the virus. She said it shouldn't be from the chicken pox vaccine because the rash itself looks different.

Today the rash got pretty bad. it is now over his body and the original rash on his wrist was very bumpy and red. Some was on his face and neck too. I imagine it is a bit itchy too because LO was scratching a bit when we were taking a bath. Daycare said they noticed it broke out after lunch and after his nap (he went down from 1-3pm), and they thought it was food / milk allergy... but we've been eating the same things and he's been on cow's milk since Jan 14.

Have you had such an experience? What could it be? I will call the doctor tomorrow but it just drives me nuts. My husband scared me yesterday what if it were meningitis but he no longer has the fever. He seems pretty normal otherwise ... no fever no crying. Knock on wood!