Just found out today that the numbers are not good for this pregnancy and I will likely miscarry in the next week or so. This will be the 2nd miscarriage in a row. I had one in July

. I told Dh this morning and he doesn't understand and still thinks there's a chance of it being OK. Which infuriates me. Also he texted me this afternoon saying he's going to mow tonight, instead of, y'know spending time with his wife. He comes home and doesn't even say anything to me while I'm cooking dinner and doing dishes. I finally finish and sit at the table with him and DD and I'm just sitting there, tearing up and crying and he has the gall to say "what's wrong?" Really!? REALLY!? Here I thought he'd bring me flowers or at least give me a hug when he got home.

I'm so upset about this miscarriage and I feel like I haven't gotten any support from my husband.

I don't even know what the point to this is. I just needed somewhere to vent.