Here's a little backstory - I used clomid this cycle to ovulate. Used the wondfos to test to see if I did. They never showed any sort of second line - not even a faint one. My day 21 (well 20) bloodwork says I ovulated. I have no idea what day since the tests never showed anything. Starting on what I'm guessing to be 8dpo I started testing with the wondfo pregnancy tests that came with the ovulation tests. All negative. Meanwhile I've had some symptoms - nausea, boob pain, slight cramping, so thirsty (happened when I was pregnant with DS). So I went out and bought some FRERs. I tested yesterday (12 dpo I think). At first nothing showed up. I got in the shower and when I got out there was a super faint line. I don't know if I gave it long enough before hopping in the shower. When I got home I took another wondfo and it was negative. This morning I took another FRER. The line showed up in the allotted time, but it's still super faint at 13ish dpo. I'm terrified they're both evap lines and by the fact it's not much darker today. Help!!!