Right now the meal situation at our house is not good, and I feel a ton of guilt that my family is not eating healthy. However, I'm not really sure sustainable ways to fix it and hoping for some tips.

There are a few challenges. One of my kids has a lot of food allergies (to over a dozen common foods), so all his food has to be cooked from scratch. For most of the pandemic, I've just been doing cooking for the week on weekends, making large batches of stuff that's easy and everyone can eat. However, I think my DH doesn't care much for what I cook/gets tired of it given we eat all meals at home, so he eats a bunch of snacks and has gained a fair amount of weight. Honestly I am super sick of my cooking too, especially given all the limits placed if we want meals that adhere to everyone's allergy restrictions. But anyways, I am concerned about his health.

Second challenge is my 3 yo has become insanely picky. It takes a ridiculous amount of effort to get him to eat anything of nutritional value (beyond fruit) and when I send healthy stuff in his lunch, he doesn't eat it and just fills up on school provided snacks. Do I chalk this up as a toddler phase that will pass before too much damage is done, or take a hard line (if you don't eat it for dinner, you get it for breakfast, etc...)?

Things really went south when I got pregnant recently. Cooking nauseates me and I have bad MS/can barely eat, my DH doesn't cook. I have been relying more on takeout for DH and I, which is super unhealthy.

I think what I need is some ideas for finding things that are easy, healthy, and diverse. What are healthy things I can put in the fridge that my husband can easily use to make his own food? Beyond giant pots of soup, what are healthy things that can be made in large quantity and easily reheated? Thanks