Baby E is 18 days old. She's generally a pretty quiet and happy baby, but we're struggling with putting her down for her first stretch of sleep at night!

We've been going to bed between 8:30 and 9:30 for the last week or so, and trying to follow a routine each night (change diaper, swaddle, nurse, burp, cuddle, put down to sleep). The room is dark, we use a white noise machine and she's been sleeping in her swing next to our bed. She always seems to be asleep after the last cuddles, but once we try to put her down she starts fussing and screaming! We have to pick her back up and cuddle/shush again, but then she screams again when we put her back down. It sometimes goes on for an hour at a time before she'll settle down enough to sleep!

Any tips of what we can do to help her fall asleep?? She sleeps really well for the rest of the night following the same routine when she wakes to nurse. She does take a pretty long nap in the evenings - could that be the problem?