I am quite possibly the world's most indecisive person and have been tasked with purchasing the majority of items for our new house. I couldn't even begin to tell you how many hours I have spent looking at bedroom sets for my girls, but suffice to say, it's been a lot! I've narrowed it down to four options for each and am now at a stalemate. I'd love some opinions on the bedding options for my 27 month old DD and nearly 8 month old DD - they'll be in their own rooms for now so no need to match or complement each other!

For DD1 in a twin bed:
Option 1: pink and grey bears
Option 2: owls
Option 3: birdhouses
Option 4: letters

For DD2 in a cot that will transition to a toddler bed:
Option 1: pink and white bird with picket fence trim
Option 2: white and lavender butterflies
Option 3: white with tree and bird
Option 4: owls (the toddler version of DD1's option but we wouldn't get it for DD2 if we bought it for DD1)

ETA: some of the pictures are a bit garish, especially the last one, but we will not be doing matching curtains, rugs, wallpaper etc - it would just be the duvet set and then complementary solid colours in the room. We like a somewhat muted look, albeit fun and interesting for our babies. We only plan on getting a few years out of this bedding and will buy something new when they're maybe 4 or 5, so it doesn't matter if it's babyish because it won't follow them up through primary school.