Disney pros - help! I’m tasked with planning a trip for our family plus in laws (grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins) - 12 people total. While I LOVED planning Disney for my own family a few years ago I’m feeling overwhelmed at planning for such a big group, and none of them are planners nor have any real strong feelings on what we do. Last time I used touring plans and loved it, but genie plus being all booked on the day of seems so annoying!

Any overall tips for surviving planning for a large group, or using genie plus with a large group?

We have 5 full days there with no travel and are planning 3 park days. Which parks would you do? I’m thinking at least 1.5 Magic Kingdom and then maybe Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

Last time we rope dropped and loved getting a bunch done early, but I know that no one else will be ready to go early. Should we wait for them or just meet them there? We are also staying offsite, our family will have a car but the rest want to just use Uber or Lyft.

Thanks for any help!