Hey just for some background my son is 26 months. He definitely has a speech delay and even with our speech therapy since 18 months old still says only about 8 words or so. I've just noticed lately he has become super frustrated when he is trying to tell us stuff. He is trying to communicate cause he will clap to get my attention and stuff when he is frustrated. What are some more things I can do to help with communication. We are trying sign language but it's like it doesnt click with him sometimes. My son is VERY smart but in some way developmentally mentally is behind. He already pees in the potty when I take him and knows a lot of other things. He gets so mad when he doesnt get his way and will scream and sometimes throw himself on the floor. He does it in public and people always side eye me. He looks like he is 4 cause he is so tall. Most people dont know he is 2.
Also we are testing him for autism this year. His pedestrian believes he will fall on the spectrum.

Any tips would he great. It just makes me sad he isnt able to communicate the way he wants to. I can tell he is not satisfied.