My husband came down with a cold. To be fair, he has a fever but the world is ending to him. Although I'm sorry he's sick, I have zero sympathy for him bc with the rampant flu season and everything you hear about it, I feel like he just welcomed the cold with open arms. For example, he never wears a jacket bc he says he's not cold. He goes to sleep really late doing unnecessary stuff. He always falls asleep on the floor of the nursery or the couch when he can get up and walk to the bed. When I try to give him a blanket, he says its too scratchy or he doesn't like the static electricity (seriously a child). I finally got him to start taking some Tylenol...the directions and the way it's packaged is in two pills. He's been taking one bc he says one is all he needs (seriously).

Normally, it's annoying and I just ignore his stupidity but I'm 35 weeks pregnant with our 3rd child and I do not have the patience or the energy to deal with a manchild. I'm also scared that it will turn into the flu and get the kids sick bc of course he's the only one of us without a flu shot. Not to mention I had LO2 at 37 weeks and I feel like this one will come early too. My biggest fear is he'll still be sick and I'll end up delivering alone.

Sorry for the vent.