I was on here for a while around the time of my second recurrent pregnancy but then needed some time for mental health self care and kind of ghosted... I thought I’d come back and update and maybe seek some support. This community is more active than others I’ve been on for high risk pregnancies etc.

So to recap we have an almost 3yo dd who we conceived easily. Fast forward and when she was 1.5 we started ttc number 2. We had an ear,t mc at 5 weeks and then another at 8 weeks (blighted ovum) that required a d&c. I waited the one month post d&c during which time we say a productive endocrinologist to start exploring what recurrent Mc would involve. We fell pregnant again right away post d&c.

An early ultrasound showed a single baby at 6 weeks and then at 8 weeks we discovered there were two!! It was a complete surprise and shock.

By 14 weeks we saw a specialist mfm and learned that our twins are a super rare kind of identical twin. They split late (any later and would have been conjoined), so are monochorionic (one placenta) and monoamnioic (in the same amniotic sac). Most identical twins are separated by a thin membrane but share a placenta. We don’t have that benefit and they can touch each other and roll all around each other.

This makes the pregnancy extremely high risk. Besides the typical multiples risk (preterm labour, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia), we have the risks of idental twins with shared placentas (twin to twin transfusion syndrome, selective intrauterine growth restriction). We also have the very real risk of cord entanglement and compression.

Virtually All monomamionic (momo) twins will have cords that are completely tangled and the majority have true knots as well. Until 10 years ago the survival rate was 20-50%. Recent intensive monitoring and early cesarean has increased the rate to about 80ish -90ish percent.

I’m 24w now and go 3x a week for non stress tests and ultrasounds. Most moms choose to go inpatient at this time because you’re viable. I’ve decided to wait until outcomes are a bit better (and cause I have a toddler at home), and will go inpatient at 27ish weeks. At this point usually you are on continuous monitoring or multiple times a days to watch for heart rate deceleration that indicate sever cord entanglement.

It’s a mandatory c section (risks are too high with tangled cords for still birth and cord prolapse) by 32 weeks because as they get bigger they cut off blood flow to the cords more and death rate goes up.

I haven’t bought anything yet or done any prep at home because I’m afraid we won’’t be bringing this babie home. Looking for anyone that has had a similar high risk inpatient or otherwise pregnancy. Any tips?