I know it's really common but I'm at my wits end with my 2 yr old's hitting. He is not very verbal and I know some of it comes from that frustration but it is also attention seeking and sometimes just seems random. We are working on verbal skills but it's slow.

Currently we are doing time outs and he will come say sorry and then turn around and hit again. Targets include me, nanny, dog, baby sister. Usually not dad. I have swatted him back gently a couple times to see if that helps but I don't think that made a difference and I don't like doing it as I feel it sends the wrong message.

Any advice? Any better way to discipline him? I feel like he lives in time out right now and it's obviously not helping that much. He gets out every day to get energy out (park, drop ins, gymnastics etc) and I spend at least 2-3 h of one on one time with him (without baby sister) a day.

It's embarrassing and frustrating and exhausting.. I don't know what's to do! I feel like I'm bending over backwards to give him the attention he needs and nothing helps.