Wondering if anyone has had to do this and how they approached it -

We have a big problem on my in-law side with a HUGE number of gifts (I can tell my mom what to do without issue so she's not really a problem). They are also not sensitive about physical size of gifts and definitely don't ever ask me for ideas, so often gifts aren't what LO is interested in or what is good for her age.

We live in a city apartment and just don't have the space to let it go, but buying gifts is my MIL's absolute favorite thing and saying she has to limit it will surely hurt her feelings (even if I say it to the whole family at once, which would be the plan). Thinking of saying only small things and any big things have to be for their house? And offering some general ideas for small gifts LO would like? The truth is I usually put things into storage or donate some as soon as our holiday visits are over, but I have to do it in secret which seems silly.

Any experience? Should I just send an email to the family now and hope the hurt feelings are over by Thanksgiving? I'm pretty sure it's the right move, but definitely interested in ideas for how to say it!